Analyse your Environmental Data

Gain insight into your system using FlowWorks' analysis tools including Rainfall IDF, I&I Estimator, and Predictive Analytics.

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What can you do with Data Analysis?

Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Analysis

IDF analysis provides a comparison of a rainfall event to historical data.

Intensity Duration Frequency

Inflow and Infiltration ( I&I ) Analysis

I&I Analysis allows you to estimate the volume of inflow and infiltration into your sewer infrastructure.

Combine Sewer and Rainfall Data

Predictive Analytics

FlowWorks replaces manual time intensive tasks by providing machine learning models to use when looking for patterns. Machine Learning can dramatically simplify what was previously an extremely tedious task. Automation allows you to monitor city infrastructure and water management systems more efficiently to protect municipal water infrastructure.

Predictive Analytics

Pump station calculator

Estimate flow volumes from your pump station event data.

Convert Pump Station Data into Flow Estimates