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Wastewater Management

FlowWorks monitoring and analysis software provides the tools to understand all your wastewater your data, whether you control a single treatment facility or a large conveyance network. FlowWorks contains numerous features that are ideal for use with stations that monitor Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s).

FlowWorks Key Features for Wastewater Data

Combining all of the graphical, plotting, analysis and alarming features of FlowWorks with your wireless or SCADA-based CSO stations is a natural fit. FlowWorks makes easy work of I&I analysis, which is often complex and tedious calculations are undertaken. The versatile I&I tools within FlowWorks simplifies I&I analysis, preventing errors and turning data into actionable information.

  • Map-based Network Overview:
    With easy point-and-click links to all of your analysis functions.
  • Straightforward Summary Reports:
    For daily, monthly, and yearly statistics
  • Intuitive Graphing:
    With custom template across multiple stations
  • Fit Manning and other Curves:
    To scatter plotted data of level, velocity, and flow, or use the curve-fitting to find trends between water quality parameters
  • Convert Pump Station Data into Flow Estimates:
    Especially useful for estimating Inflow & Infiltration
  • Alarm Notifications:
    When your stations reach critical levels or flows
  • Combine Sewer and Rainfall Data:
    In our custom inflow & infiltration (I&I) analyzer, and produce estimates for average dry weather flow (ADWF), groundwater infiltration (GWI), and return-period based I&I estimates

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Gain valuable insight into your data whether you are a small system operator looking to install and analyze just a few sensors, or you already have hundreds or thousands of measurement points.

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Take live data from your SCADA or data logger network, or upload historical data files and watch Flowworks transform your rainfall station data into knowledgeable flow analysis reports.

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