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FlowWorks turns your data into actionable information allowing for smart decisions.

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FlowWorks Features


Track your data in real time and receive instant alerts via email, SMS, and voice. Build powerful rules to notify you when critical events occur in your data.

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Visualize your data in an interactive, easy to use graphing tool. Plugin-free and works on phones and tablets. Boasts advanced curve fitting functions and a powerful data viewer.

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Get the answers you're looking for through customizable summary reports. Easily combine data from multiple locations using a variety of statistical methods.

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Gain insight into your system using FlowWorks' analysis tools including Rainfall IDF, I&I Estimator, and Event Finder.

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Data Management

Flexible management tools allow you to easily work with your data.

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Enterprise level administration of users and their permissions.

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Custom Apps

The flexibility of the platform allows for custom built features and enhancements within the application.

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