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FlowWorks makes it simple to collect, manage and analyze your environmental data.

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Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis, Centralized

FlowWorks is a powerful web-based suite of monitoring, analysis and reporting tools enabling you to efficiently manage all of your monitoring systems. Perform real-time analysis, check flow monitoring status and set alarms through a single interface. FlowWorks let's you transform raw data into actionable information.

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Data Transfer Flexibility + Hardware Neutrality

FlowWorks accepts all types of data from any source. Real-time, historic, wireless, satellite, SCADA; public data sets including USGS, NOAA and weather forecasts – it doesn’t matter where the data originates. You can connect it to FlowWorks.

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FlowWorks Features

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Track your data in real time and receive instant alerts via email, SMS, and voice. Build powerful rules to notify you when critical events occur in your data.

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Visualize your data in an interactive, easy to use graphing tool. Plugin-free and works on phones and tablets. Boasts advanced curve fitting functions and a powerful data viewer.

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Get the answers you're looking for through customizable summary reports. Easily combine data from multiple locations using a variety of statistical methods.

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Data Analytics

Gain insight into your system using FlowWorks' analysis tools including Rainfall IDF, I&I Estimator, and Predictive Analytics.

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Predictive Analytics

FlowWorks has integrated Machine Learning into our application, allowing access to the latest and most accurate predictive analytics available today. Machine Learning can dramatically simplify what was previously an extremely tedious task. Automation allows you to monitor city infrastructure and water management systems more efficiently to protect municipal water infrastructure.

FlowWorks Analytics
Built on Azure HD Insight

Industry leading Apache Hadoop distribution in the cloud.

Predictive Model

Using data entered into FlowWorks, the application has the ability to predict and forecast future events.

Why FlowWorks?

FlowWorks significantly improves your ability to transform raw data into actionable information by allowing you to perform real-time analysis, monitor alarms and create reports accessible from virtually any web browser.


Real-time, historic, wireless, satellite, SCADA; public data sets including USGS, NOAA and weather forecasts – it doesn’t matter where the data originates. You can connect it to FlowWorks.

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We provide a comprehensive data collection and flow analysis solution at a low-cost without the obligation of a contract.

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Servicing thousands of users daily allowing them instant access to mission-critical data.

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What Our Clients Think

Boston Water & Sewer Commision
We found the Event Finder to be a very useful tool for identifying conditions that caused overflows.
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Dan Duffield, City of Richmond
I feel that the use of FlowWorks offers near real-time data review of flow monitoring networks for decision makers to execute timely responses to critical events such as SSO’s.
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Chris Mummery, City of Kimberley
With FlowWorks, we know what`s actually going on in the field. Operations staff and management alike utilize FlowWorks on a daily basis . . . We have been able to pick up on leaks and issues at PRV stations much, much faster than in the past.
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