Water Data


Water Systems Monitoring and Analysis

FlowWorks flow analysis software provides individuals with water responsibilities the tools you need to gain valuable insight into your data whether you are a small system operator looking to install and analyze just a few sensors, or you already have hundreds or thousands of measurement points.

FlowWorks Key Features for Water Data

Small system operators will gain SCADA ­like convenience at a small fraction of the cost of traditional SCADA networks, while large operators will discover the convenience and efficiencies that we offer while working with your large data-sets. We also have several unique niche applications for water systems.

  • Map-based Network Overview:
    Easy point-­and-­click links to all of your flow analysis functions; click on any station to see the current pressures, flows, or other water quality parameters. Or choose to use a custom real-­time display showing you everything that is going in your network at a glance.
  • Straightforward Summary Reports:
    For daily, monthly, and yearly statistics.
  • Intuitive Graphing:
    With custom template saving.
  • Curve Fitting Functions:
    To discover relationships between your systems parameters.
  • Custom Real-­time Displays:
    Are available, showing you everything that is going on in your network at a glance.
  • Specialized Rainfall Analysis Functions:
    Allowing you to assess return frequency of your recorded storm events.
  • Alarm Notifications:
    When your stations reach critical values.
  • Capture Images:
    Of intake buildup, facility status, reservoirs, and vandalism using an economical field camera to capture river bed movement, trash rack buildup, or flood stage observations.
  • Powerful Meta­data Storage Capabilities:
    Allowing you to store date and time­stamped photos, verification measurements, and field observations in both online data forms as well as through attachable documents. Water quality reports are easily stored online alongside your real­-time datasets.
  • Custom displays or data feeds:
    Back to your own website for private or public viewing.
  • Flexible download capability:
    Allowing you to easily download a day, a year, or a decade worth of your data through our high­speed data transfer service.

Data Transfer Flexibility + Hardware Neutrality

You choose whether to transfer your data manually through our high-speed upload service or link directly with your live data. FlowWorks will work with existing equipment from a mature gauging network, or we can supply equipment solutions for you utilizing telephone, cellular, and satellite telemetry.

FlowWorks provides answers to the following questions

  • Where are my stations, and what are the current conditions?
  • What have the flows and pressures at a group of stations looked like over the past week? What about over the past year? 10 Years?
  • How many start/stops per day are my pumps doing? Is one pump performing better relative to the other?
  • What were the minimum, average, and maximum flows at a station last week? Last month? Last year?
  • Can I see all of the water quality results for a station for the past year? How do they compare to my online sensors?
  • Can I see surveillance images of my reservoir from yesterday?
  • Are the low pressure complaints we are receiving in a neighborhood valid?
  • How is a PRV station performing? Is it sticking? Does it open and close at the right pressures?
  • Are we chlorinating enough to reach the end of the system?

More Solutions


Flow analysis software can incorporate specialized camera systems that can be used in many applications where traditional surveillance systems cannot.

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Understand all your wastewater your data, whether you control a single treatment facility or a large conveyance network.

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