Streamflow Data


Streamflow Management

FlowWorks flow analysis software provides individuals with stream data oversight responsibilities a package of data storage and stream data flow analysis functions that make working with your stream flow data easy, whether you take care of one small creek or manage a large hydro-metric network.

FlowWorks Key Features for Streamflow Data

  • Map-based Network Overview:
    Easy point-and-click links to all of your stream flow analysis functions
  • Straightforward Summary Reports:
    For daily, monthly, and yearly statistics
  • Intuitive Graphing:
    With custom template saving
  • Stage-discharge Curve Fitting:
    With subsequent application to your level data
  • Custom Real-time Displays:
    Showing you everything that is going on in your hydrometric network at a glance
  • Specialized Rainfall Analysis Functions:
    Allowing you to assess return frequency of your recorded rainfall data and storm events
  • Alarm Notifications:
    When your stations reach critical elevations
  • Visual Surveillance Capability:
    Using an economical field camera to capture river bed movement, trash rack buildup, or flood stage observations
  • Powerful Meta-data Storage Capabilities:
    Allowing you to store date and time-stamped photos, verification measurements and field observations, both in online data forms as well as through attachable documents
  • Custom Displays Or Data Feeds:
    Back to your own website for private or public viewing
  • Flexible Download Capability:
    Allowing you to easily download your stream data through our high-speed data transfer service.

Data Transfer Flexibility + Hardware Neutrality

You choose whether to transfer your data manually through our high-speed upload service or link directly with your live data. FlowWorks will work with existing equipment from a mature gauging network, or we can supply equipment solutions for you utilizing telephone, cellular, and satellite telemetry.

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Manage and analyze the numerous measurements including temperature, relative humidity, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, rainfall and snow totals that a typical climate station produces.

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FlowWorks flow analysis software provides individuals with responsibility for a small or large industrial process who must report to regulatory officials, or who have remote sites that cannot operate over traditional industrial monitoring networks, a variety of solutions appropriate to their needs.

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