FlowWorks is …

A web platform to gather, analyze and understand all forms of environmental monitoring data.
All Your Data + FlowWorks = A Clear Path Forward

Why use FlowWorks?

  • FlowWorks is Flexible. Real-time, manual, historic, USGS, NOAA, wireless, satellite – it doesn’t matter where your data originates. You can connect it to FlowWorks.
  • FlowWorks is Affordable. We provide a full-access data collection and flow analysis solution at a low-cost monthly fee with no contract.
  • FlowWorks is Hardware Neutral. FlowWorks automatically links to leading brands of data loggers and SCADA systems including ADS, Hach/Sigma, Isco, Detectronic, Telog, Unidata, Campbell Scientific, iFIX/iHISTORIAN, Wonderware and more.
  • FlowWorks is Hassle Free. There is no software to install, no hardware to maintain, no patches to download, and no annual maintenance fees to pay.

How will FlowWorks help me?

FlowWorks contains a powerful suite of data collection, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools, enabling you to efficiently manage all your monitoring systems through a single web interface. The FlowWorks platform significantly improves your ability to collect and transform raw data into actionable information. Because FlowWorks consolidates data from any source, you can perform real-time analysis, set alarms and create reports accessible from any web browser. The power of FlowWorks.

… A Better Way to Manage Data