NEW Infinitii CSO Forecaster

Overflows are coming. We know when and where.



Infinitii CSO Forecaster by FlowWorks – the first forecasting tool specifically for Combined Sewer Systems.

Infinitii CSO Forecaster uses GIS-based maps, Machine Learning, and up to eight discrete weather models to identify when and where collection system overflows will take place up to seven days in advance.

With Infinitii CSO Forecaster you can:


Visually identify predicted overflows on a GIS-based map

Drill Down

Drill down into the underlying data


Compare overflow predictions based on multiple weather forecast models

Learn how you can benefit from CSO forecasting with this machine learning enabled tool built right into our web-based dashboard.

Register for Webinar:  Wednesday, Feb 27th, 2019  10:00am – 11:00am PST