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Carl Data Solutions migrates Flowworks onto Microsoft Azure

October 18, 2016 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Carl Data Solutions Inc. (CSE:CRL)(CSE:CRL.CN)(FRANKFURT:7C5)(“Carl” or the “Company”), a developer of Big-Data-as-a-Service (“BDaaS”)-based solutions for data integration and analytics, completes migration of its FlowWorks Application (“FlowWorks” or the “Application”) onto the Company’s proprietary, backend-infrastructure Platform (the “Platform”) that is built using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and development tools, offering FlowWorks’ users a greater level of agility, integration and manageability of their infrastructure monitoring data.

FlowWorks is a powerful Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)-based application for collecting, monitoring and analyzing all types of data. With the migration, the Application can now achieve virtually unlimited data collection and storage and accommodate both structured and unstructured data from all types of monitoring equipment, sensor hardware, SCADA systems, public and private data sets. The application includes near real-time advanced analytics and immediate alarming and reporting features.


Carl’s Platform consists of the following Azure product offerings for FlowWorks:

Azure Event Hubs to ingest millions of events per second from network connected devices like sensors, data loggers and meters;
Azure Stream Analytics to process sensor and environmental forecasting data in real-time to gain insights and create custom alerts for users;
Azure Data Factory to create, schedule, and manage data from multiple internal and external data sources;
Azure HD Insight to store and analyze any amount of data, scaling to petabytes on demand;
Azure Machine Learning to find relationships and patterns within the data to predict the probability of specific events occurring;
Power BI to build dynamic dashboards with powerful visualization and reporting tools, for both technical and business users, to easily view and understand infrastructure status and the impact of current and forecasted events.
For FlowWorks’ Mini Case Study highlighting how Azure Enables Carl’s BDaaS-Based Applications for Industry and Government, visit:

Piotr Stepinsky, CTO of Carl, commented, “In our experience, we’ve found that Microsoft Azure is far more innovative and flexible than any other cloud-based service, which is critical for the success of applications like FlowWorks. Migrating our Application onto Azure not only allows FlowWorks to operate more efficiently but also enables our data scientists and developers to easily build advanced features into the Application like real-time reporting and predictive analytics. This will provide our clients with deeper insights into their data, which in turn can lead to faster and more informed decision-making.”

Greg Johnston, CEO of Carl, commented, “Successful migration of FlowWorks marks a major achievement in the Company’s development in that it proves our Platform’s utility and functionality and now enables us to rapidly develop analytics, monitoring and reporting applications for the Utilities sector. Microsoft Azure offers a robust suite of advanced application development tools and is one of the most powerful cloud-computing platforms available today. We’re confident that utilizing Azure will help us accelerate the growth of the Company by enabling us to build better applications faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before. We look forward to working collaboratively with Microsoft to deliver many more innovative BDaaS-based solutions for our clients.”

Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. said “We’re pleased that Carl chose Microsoft Azure as the foundation for the Company’s Platform and is leveraging a wide range of Azure offerings to deliver its data management and analysis applications.”

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