New Event Finder Tool

FlowWorks is proud to announce the release of our newest data analysis tool…Introducing the Event Finder.

FlowWorks users with large amounts of data are often faced with the task of identifying specific events that occur in their data sets. The dataset could be a large historical set (decades worth) where the shear effort to analyze the data can seem overwhelming. It could also be a realtime dataset that must be assessed on an ongoing basis. With the arrival of our newest tool, users can now effortlessly scan their datasets and identify events that meet any criteria they choose. The new tool can then also calculate the most often required information about each event.

You can view the manual page for this new tool here.

FAQ: How long does it take for data to show up on FlowWorks?

This question comes up often, and the answer depends on the type of meters that are being used. For Isco or Telog meters we can process the data as fast as it is sent, and data is usually uploaded within a few minutes of being transmitted. However if the meters are only setup to transmit once a day, the data will be uploaded to FlowWorks once a day. In essence, we can only upload data as fast as it is sent to us.

For FTP connections, the uploading process takes a bit longer, and files should process (assuming there are no uploading errors, or formatting errors in the data) within a fifteen minute period.

FlowWorks 2014 Conference List

New England Water Environment Association Annual Conference
Boston, MA USA
January 26 – Jan 29

New York Water Environment Association Annual Meeting & Exhibition
New York City, NY USA
February 4 – February 6

Florida Water Environment Association Annual Conference
Lake Buena Vista, FL USA
April 6 – April 10

Water Environment Federation’s Collection Systems
Baltimore, MD USA
April 12 – April 13

Water Environment Association of Texas (Texas Water 2014)
Dallas, TX USA
April 14 – April 17

California Water Environment Association (CWEA)
Santa Clara, CA  USA
April 29 – May 2

New Jersey Water Environment Association Annual Conference
Atlantic City, NJ USA
May 12 – May 16

Stormwater Conference and expo (StormCon)
Portland, OR USA
August 3 – August 7

Ohio Water Environment Association Joint Conference
Columbus, OH USA
August 26 – August 29

Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC 2014)
New Orleans, LA USA
September 27 – October 1

WaterPro Conference
Seattle, WA USA
October 6 – October 8

American Water Resources Association-WA State Conference
Seattle, WA  USA
October 23

Pacific North West Clean Water Annual Conference & Exhibition (PNCWA 2014)
Vancouver, WA  USA
October 26 – October 29

Indiana Water Environment Association Annual Conference (IWEA)
Indianapolis, IN  USA
November 18 – November 20

Northwest Environmental Conference & Tradeshow (NWEC)
Portland, OR  USA
December 9 – December 10

New Scatter Graph Features!

FlowWorks is happy to publish an update to our already great mapping tools with some frequently requested features from out users. This update includes some great new features, updates, and tools in our Graphing tools set.
New improvements to the Scatter Graph feature:

  • Scatter plots now support 3  data channels:  one on x-axis, two on y-axis.
  • Users can add manual field measurements to scatter graphs.
  • A scatterplot of a time series can now automatically be opened in a separate browser window. This works really well when users have two monitors.
  • A scatter plot now supports the assigning of data channels to either axis in scatter plot under “Appearance –> axis and scaling dialog”
  • Support  has been added for customizing the axis scales in scatter plot mode.
  • User now can select a data point in the scatter graph and the date and time me of a selected data point is displayed. This feature supports multiple values that could occurred at the selected point.
  • Editable Curve fits and Manning’s Curve – users can now easily modify  an existing curve fit
  • We have provided a library of typically used Manning’s Coefficient so  when a user is creating/modifying a Manning’s curve, the user can select coefficients from a  a drop down menu  or enter a user defined value as before.
  • Allowed Custom axis labeling – Under Axis Options, a new option called Axis Labels with text boxes for each axis
  • Improved zooming functions on both scatter and times series modes

We have also implemented the new tree organizer in graphing – so what you see in the map view for stations is now carried over into the graphing view. This brings about a much greater consistency in working with sites in large numbers.

Some of these features were requested via the FlowWorks Community Forums and User Group and FlowWorks is proud to implement user ideas whenever possible. The forums are open to any FlowWorks user, and you can use them to ask questions, start general discussions, requests features, or browse through our ongoing knowledge base articles that are constantly being updated and added to.
This update is just one more way that FlowWorks helps you understand your data, by making it easier, faster, and less complicated to get to the information that you want to know.

See FlowWorks at NEWEA 2013

FlowWorks will again be attending the NEWEA 2013 conference. This year we will be on the 4th floor, in booth #456. Since its formation in 1928, NEWEA has been holding annual meetings to provide a forum for knowledge and technology exchange within the wastewater field. Since then, the NEWEA Annual Conference has not only grown in the size of exhibits and technical sessions, but has become New England’s largest water quality conference.

FlowWorks will be on hand to demonstrate the FlowWorks data management platform and show some of the brand new features and tools that are being built within FlowWorks to help you manage all of your flow data, in once place. The conference will take place in Boston Massachusetts, at the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel. We hope to see you there.

FlowWorks Mapping Updates!

We’ve heard your comments. We heard your recommendations. We shoved a team of developers in a room and locked the door and wouldn’t let them out until they were done. (well, it didn’t EXACTLY happen like that). Welcome to the improved FlowWorks Map View!

Some of the major changes that you’ll notice right away…

  1. Clustered Sites! If you’re a FlowWorks client and have a large number of sites, you know how difficult it was to view everyone site on the map. Sites that are close in geographic region are now clustered into one dot. The dot colour is based on any alarm  conditions within that cluster, based on severity. You can turn clustering on/off in the “Options” menu above the map so you can tailor your view to how you like it. Don’t forget to click the “Remember Options” checkbox! Also, if you have multiple sites at the same location, we’re able to display all of them at once (they’re not overlapped!).
  2. Cleaner, smoother interface. Gone are the days of rectangles and boxes around everything.
  3. Widescreen Support. No matter what screen you are on (4:4, 19:9, whatever), the map will now scale horizontally and fill the entire portion of the screen.
  4. Legend. The legend has been moved to above the map for quick access. Again, just so save some precious real estate.
  5. Filtering. Filtering has been enhanced to allow you to filter based on Alarm Type, Site Type, and Collection Method. This is similar to filtering in the past, but allows more options. You are now able to combine multiple filters as well (show me all active, Telog sewer sites).
  6. Site List. The site list to the left of the page has been revamped, and now shows the site type and site status right in the tree. This will help you locate those sites much faster, and you cane easily see their status.
  7. Google Street View. I’m sure you know what this is, and it’s now native to FlowWorks. Can’t remember what that intersection looks like where that manhole is? Street View to the rescue!
  8. New tree, Site Searching/Sorting, Tree Organization. This one will deserve it’s own blog post, coming soon! This one is a big deal.
  9. And finally, don’t forget you can add or link your GIS files to the map view! Please click here to find out more information, or contact FlowWorks.