Using Isohyetal Mapping to Understand Rainfall Data

Using Isohyetal Mapping to Understand Rainfall Data

Join us for on Thursday, January 15 for our Webinar – Using Isohyetal Mapping to Understand Rainfall Data.

FlowWorks is continually working to bring you tools to make your job easier. One of those tools is the ability to generate dynamic, high-quality rainfall isohyetal maps from your rainfall data.

During this quick webinar, you will learn how to plot rainfall accumulation and intensity on a map, as well as how to identify a rain event within FlowWorks to better understand how it will affect your overall system

Join us for a FREE webinar on how you can get the most out of FlowWorks and better understand your rainfall data.


NWEC 2014

NWEC 2014Northwest Environmental Conference is just one week away!
December 9 & 10th
Portland, OR
Red Lion Hotel on the River – Jantzen Beach

NWEC 2014 is in its 26th year and is the Northwest’s largest environmental trade show and a must for the latest in environmental service and technology solutions.  Stop by the FlowWorks booth, in the main tradeshow hall, to see how we can help manage your environmental data.

Full Conference Info at

All Your Data in One Place

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
- Daniel Keys Moran

With that in mind, FlowWorks continues to support and develop ways to analyze ‘all your data’ in one location, turning your data into meaningful information. With the ability to add United States Geological Survey (USGS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) station data into our already robust platform, we are helping our clients understand their regional environment.

Combined with FlowWorks analysis and reporting tools, data captured from the USGS adds even more relevant regional information to your decision making process. With the addition of thousands of precipitation stations, stream flow stations, groundwater level stations, tide stations and surface water quality stations, an infinite amount of actionable information is right at your fingertips.

For example, clients can use this data to augment local networks or simply as a means of cross-checking or comparing local monitoring results.  Enhancing an existing rain gauge network with local USGS rainfall stations will increase spatial and temporal storm information and improve correlation with observations on the ground.

The addition of the USGS and NOAA data feeds allows FlowWorks clients the option of combining it with their monitoring data for a dramatically improved understanding of local conditions and how they affect water, sewer and rainfall networks.

FlowWorks stores all data in a single massive database so it can be analyzed quickly, understood and the results communicated to all users.  It’s just keystrokes away and the benefits are impressive.

For more information and pricing, contact sales at sales@flowworks.comAll Your Data in One Place

New Graphing Features

New Graphing FeaturesWe’re proud to announce the release of our New Graphing Features, allowing you to manage your data anywhere on the go. You can now access FlowWorks on any internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  Not only can you access all of your data from any mobile device, but we have also made some improvements to our graphing features.

  • High performance and fully interactive data graphing
  • Time series and scatter graphs with zooming and panning preview window
  • Works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Works on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • Compatible on mobile phones and tablets
  • Ability to customize the appearance of your graph, including:
    • Set a custom title for your graph
    • Choose the type of plot:  Line, Area, Bar, Points, Points + Line
    • Style the graph with different colors, line types, and point types

Visit us at IWEA Annual Conference

Every Drop Counts IWEA IWEA Annual ConferenceEvery Drop Counts 2014

November 19-20, 2015
Westin Indianapolis
50 South Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Indiana Water Environment Association is dedicated to preserving and protecting Indiana’s waterways through educating their members and the
citizens of Indiana about the importance of the water environment.

FlowWorks will be exhibiting at 2014 IWEA Annual Conference November 19-20 at the Westin Indianapolis. Stop by to see a demo of the new Event Finder tools and the brand new FlowWorks Graphing Engine.

FlowWorks to Provide Services to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skyline

FlowWorks is proud to announce that the City of Los Angeles has selected FlowWorks, partnered with Hach Company to provide wastewater flow monitoring, data delivery, analysis and reporting required for the City’s Wastewater Collection Flow Gauging Services Task Order, managed by AECOM.

With FlowWorks and its partners, the City of Los Angeles will embark on a six month project involving equipment and services at 40 gauging locations in the City’s wastewater collection system where meters will be installed permanently for the contract period.

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