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FlowWorks to Provide Data Management Services for City of Los Angeles

Today FlowWorks, Inc. announced that the City of Los Angeles has selected FlowWorks, partnered with Hach Company to provide wastewater flow monitoring, data delivery, analysis and reporting required for the City’s Wastewater Collection Flow Gauging Services Task Order, managed by AECOM.

With FlowWorks and its partners, the City of Los Angeles will embark on a six month project involving equipment and services at 40 gauging locations in the City’s wastewater collection system where meters will be installed permanently for the contract period.

Brian Staff of Hach Company, “Our services paired perfectly for this project to provide an efficient yet powerful solution for the City of Los Angeles. Hach and FlowWorks have developed a seamless, web-based integration of Hach’s Data Delivery Services with FlowWorks’ analysis and reporting tools to provide customers with enhanced capabilities, and we were happy to put it to use to meet the City of Los Angeles’ and AECOM’s needs.”

Mike Scott, Director of Sales at FlowWorks, Inc. is excited to be working on this project, “This project will demonstrate how FlowWorks makes it easy to quickly evaluate raw data using a variety of tools to obtain actionable information for large municipalities with complex wastewater systems. We are pleased to be working with our partners on the installation, calibration, collection and storage of data for flow monitoring and capacity studies for the City of Los Angeles.”

About Hach Company
Hach Flow Products and Services, including legacy brands Sigma and Marsh-McBirney, is a business unit of Hach Company and has a proven track record of creating industry-leading innovations in open-channel wastewater flow measurement applications. Hach Flow empowers customers with accurate and timely flow data so they can make critical wastewater flow decisions with absolute confidence. From state-of-the-art wireless flow loggers and industry-pioneering non-contact flow sensors, as well as groundbreaking Data Delivery Services (DDS), Hach Flow is committed to providing flexible solutions to deliver good flow data in every open-channel wastewater application. Learn more at

About FlowWorks, Inc.
FlowWorks, Inc. is a secure web-based platform to gather, analyze and understand all forms of environmental data. FlowWorks provides maximum flexibility allowing users to compile current and historical data from multiple collection points into one location. FlowWorks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Learn more at

Patti Youngbluth
Marketing and Communications Manager