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FlowWorks Delivers Comprehensive Information Management to Water Utilities and Municipalities under Consent Decree

The FlowWorks web platform is giving water utilities, municipalities, consultants and industrial clients a powerful, flexible tool for integrating and presenting all their operational data. FlowWorks makes compliance with a consent decree faster, more accurate and more comprehensive than conventional systems, by securely delivering a wealth of online data, monitoring, analyses, and near-real-time reporting to all interested users. Facility management is more efficient, and compliance is enhanced.

The FlowWorks data management and reporting platform addresses a number of issues critical to consent decree compliance:

  • Accurate Reporting of Operational Status. The FlowWorks system gathers functional data from all hardware platforms, integrates and analyzes the cumulative data, and creates a broad range of graphical reports for an accurate picture of the total system operations.
  • Event Analysis and Response. FlowWorks provides the means to establish alarms in the event of system non-compliance. When such an alarm is triggered, the system generates an analysis of the event, and provides facility managers with the information to correct the condition and improve overall facility performance and compliance.
  • Communication with All Users. Consent decrees often involve the participation of a range of user groups: governmental, environmental, judiciary, public and private audiences. FlowWorks enables facility managers to communicate across multiple platforms with a range of graphical reporting tools, ensuring that verifiable consent decree compliance is accurately communicated to all interested parties.

“We needed to manage problems and track their resolution in a way that can share information instantly,” says the CSO monitoring team leader for a major west-coast utility. “These problems are quite complex and require a lot of interaction. One of the big benefits of the FlowWorks platform is that when analysts are screening data from our temporary or permanent rain gauge sites and identify a problem that they would like to address, we can immediately refer that problem to the contractor and track the resolution.”

The FlowWorks platform provides water facility managers with the means to monitor, analyze and report their consent decree performance and compliance efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively to all stakeholders. It is also a powerful tool for making meaningful improvements in the functioning of their facility.

FlowWorks’ data management service is a secure, internet-based platform for gathering, analyzing and managing water, sewer, rainfall and other remote data. It is hardware neutral, accepting data from any flow meter or manufacturer’s data system, as well as SCADA, historic and manual data. The FlowWorks suite contains a powerful graphing engine, storage for all forms of meta data, event alarms and analysis capabilities including I&I and rainfall IDF.