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FlowWorks Now Links Directly to USGS & NOAA Data

FlowWorks can now accept real-time data directly from United States Geological Survey (USGS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitoring stations.

For the first time ever, utilities, municipalities, and industrial clients can access this valuable data directly through FlowWorks to enhance understanding of their regional environment.

The addition of the USGS and NOAA data means over 2,500 precipitation stations, 9,000 stream flow stations, 1,300 groundwater level stations and 1,900 surface water quality stations and nearly 50 tide stations are now available to FlowWorks clients in real time.

Clients can use the new data to augment local networks, or simply as a means of cross-checking local monitoring results.  For example, enhancing an existing rain gauge network with local USGS rainfall stations will increase spatial and temporal storm information and improve correlation with observations on the ground.  FlowWorks stores all data in a single massive database so it can be analyzed quickly, understood and the results communicated to all users.  It’s now just keystrokes away and the benefits are impressive.

You can read more about using FlowWorks with USGS and NOAA data here.