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Gwinnett County Selects the FlowWorks Platform to Manage all Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Data

Gwinnett County, part of regional Atlanta, has selected FlowWorks, Inc. to manage all sanitary sewer flow and rainfall monitoring data for the Department of Water Resources on annual contract. The selection was made, in part, because of FlowWorks’ proven ability to accept data directly from Teledyne Isco and ADS flow meters.

Gwinnett County has an area of 436 square miles and a population of nearly 700,000. The county has long had a sanitary sewer monitoring program encompassing nearly 70 sanitary stations, 30 rain gages and over 260 historical sites. In 2010, Gwinnett solicited bids from flow monitoring data management firms to assist with bringing the program in-house. FlowWorks responded and demonstrated the cost savings available from bringing all data together into one place so it can be analyzed quickly, understood and the results communicated to all users. The county also saw that the FlowWorks platform is entirely web-based, requiring no additional hardware or software to be purchased or maintained by the county.

FlowWorks is a secure, web-based data management platform for gathering, analyzing and understanding water, sewer, rainfall and other monitoring data. It is hardware neutral, accepting data from any flow meter or manufacturer’s data system, as well as SCADA, manual and historic data. FlowWorks contains a powerful graphing engine, robust analysis capabilities including I&I and rainfall IDF, CSO monitoring with sophisticated event alarming, and storage for all forms of meta data. Gwinnett will use FlowWorks to pull data directly from ISCO and ADS meters and combine it with data from (12) SCADA rainfall stations and (18) local USGS rainfall stations. The result will be dramatically improved understanding of local rainfall conditions and the effect they have on the sanitary sewer system.

FlowWorks is the platform of choice for municipalities, utilities and industrial clients seeking to manage, analyze and understand large quantities of monitoring data quickly and securely. Gwinnett chose FlowWorks to bring together all its sanitary sewer flow monitoring and rainfall data without the expense of buying and maintaining additional computer hardware or software.